Client Testimonials

"My wife loves David Yurman jewelry and I was interested in buying an engagement ring from them. After speaking with Tracy Hall, I felt confident in buying a custom ring instead.  It had all of the design features my wife loves about DY, as well as some unique elements that are special and perfect for her."

— Corbin,  Maryland

"These guys and gals are a hidden gem!  Ring shopping felt like I needed to fit myself and my fiancee into some pre-existing design category.  The ability to create something one-of-a-kind from scratch fit our style, and our budget, perfectly."

— Leanne,  New York


"My grandmother left me her diamond necklace. I knew that I wanted to use the stone for my engagement ring, but I just couldn’t visualize it. The designers at Tracy Hall took my inspiration and brought it to life in a way that blew me away."

— Kate,  Ohio


"I knew that I wanted to buy my wife a sapphire ring for her 50th birthday. The team at Tracy Hall helped me understand how the stone could be showcased best and how to set in a beautiful and modern way. I couldn’t be happier with the result."

— Duke, Missouri

"Before I spoke with Tracy Hall I visited my local jeweler to price out a ring.  The Tracy Hall concierge was able to provide me with a 40% larger stone, better color, and better clarity than my local jeweler.  Better than I could have hoped for!"

— Kyle, Wisconsin


"On our call, the concierge happily explained the diamond buying basics without any expectation of a purchase.  He wasn’t afraid to tell me which of the C’s would be best prioritize based on my budget and expectations.  After the call I felt very confident in choosing a custom ring."

— Nick,  California

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