It all started with an idea and an act of rebellion

Our brand is named after Tracy Hall, a brilliant scientist and the first person ever to successfully create a diamond in a lab.  Not convinced that humans needed to destroy the planet in order to have the gorgeous gemstones we all adore, Hall sought to find a better way.  The result revolutionized the jewelry industry.  

Always stand out, and never settle

The reason we exist is so you can have the perfect piece of jewelry to represent your love.  In the same way that Tracy Hall refused to accept the status quo, we believe that you shouldn't have to fit yourself or your partner into designs that were decided by someone else.  You deserve a piece of jewelry that's uniquely yours.  "That's just the way things are done" has always been a statement we love to challenge.  And we use that rebellious fire to forge the ring of your dreams.

Our diamonds are impeccably sourced

We offer the finest selection of diamonds direct from some of the most reputable producers.  All our stones are sustainably created with carbon-offset practices, so you can feel confident about looking great without having an environmental impact.  Each stone is cut and polished to the highest standards in the industry.  And the metals we use are Fairmined through responsible sourcing practices.

True to the original vision of Tracy Hall, we want you to feel special and steeped in luxury while stepping away from outdated practices and keeping an eye to the future.  After all, you do have a sparkling future ahead of you.

Our diamonds are as real as mined, without the guilt.

“They are real diamonds. They have the same optical, chemical, thermal, and physical features.”
Matthew Hall, Director, Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

“Manmade diamonds are diamonds.”
Federal Trade Commission, August 2018

"Mined diamonds are a gift of nature whereas man-made diamonds are a gift of human wisdom.”
Shanghai Diamond Exchange’s President Qiang Lin

But don't just take our word for it...

Read what some of our ecstatic customers have to say about our process and our results.

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