With You Every Step of the Way

The process of buying an engagement ring should be easy, understandable, and exciting.  We bring all of these qualities to our conversations with you, making the journey feel effortless.

Here's What You Can Expect

Many factors come into play when creating an overall timeline for a customized engagement ring.  While the process can take anywhere from several weeks to several months, it all depends on how many details you'd like to explore and what elements you may already have in mind.

Step 1:  Initial Consultation
Our first chat with you!  This usually takes anywhere from a half-hour to an hour, this is where you’ll discuss designs, budget, timeline, and next steps.  Once we get all the important background information, it will be smooth sailing for the remainder of the process. 

Step 2:  Select The Ring’s Stone and Design Elements
This can be done in addition to the initial consultation or done afterward. This is where you discuss with our concierge what stone your partner may prefer for their ring and the final design elements to be visually rendered. 

Step 3:  See A Digital Rendering
Your vision comes to life!  This is where you get to see an online CAD rendering of your customized jewelry piece. From here, you either give your ok and move forward, or go back and forth until the ring fits your perfect creative vision. 

Step 4:  Mock Ring Design
Once the digital rendering is given the ok, you have the option to see a physical mock ring, typically made from wax. Some clients love the digital rendering so much that they skip this step and go right to production.  But if you want to feel and interact with the ring in person, this is your chance to do that before we cast the metal and set the stone. Just like the creative process with the digital rendering, you’re allowed to give creative feedback and alter if need be. 

Step 5:  Engagement Ring Casting & Stone Setting
The final step! Once the mock ring is given your stamp of approval, the ring is then cast in your metal of choice with your desired stones.  We'll share pictures with you so that you can see the process of your dream being created.

Step 6:  Engraving
(Optional) Take it a step further and have your custom engagement ring engraved to signify a special date, a word that has meaning to only the two of you, or anything that makes this ring extra special.  This is your chance to take the customization to the limits!

Step 7:  Photoshoot
We'll take your piece and give it its own personal photoshoot!  We know how important it can be to have beautiful pictures to remember your special moments, so we will take some high quality photos of your custom jewelry and give them to you for free.  It's just part of our commitment to ensuring you're delighted with our results and can share with the world.

Now that you know how we'll help you craft your perfect ring...

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