The only perfect ring is the one created specifically for you. 

Bespoke engagement rings designed to match your unique style.

A design as dazzling as your style.

You're fabulously unique.  Shouldn't your engagement ring reflect what makes you sparkle?

You're the inspiration.

When you call, you’ll have a direct line to our experienced team of concierge jewelers and gemologists, who can advise you on every aspect of a diamond engagement ring (or any other piece of jewelry).  From stone selection to band style to trends in fine jewelry, we walk you through every step of the process to achieve perfect results.  But we start by getting to know the person who will be wearing it!

We're your own private jeweler.

We'll help you craft your dream ring:  a piece that is elegant, everlasting, and uniquely tailored to you.  All of our works are one-of-a-kind and sustainably manufactured in New York City.

Need some ideas?

We get it, starting from scratch can be thrilling, but also daunting.  Our customers often like to explore the different design elements of a ring to see what ignites their excitement.

Showcasing your personality is our passion.

We're in this business because we believe that an everlasting symbol of love and commitment should look and feel unique.  Give us your quirks, your strong opinions, your daring to be different.  We relish all of it.  And we won't rest until your piece of jewelry perfectly embodies what makes you uniquely you.

Let our concierge team guide you.

The ring buying process can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.  You already embody your style, personality, and preferences, and we can turn those into the perfect ring for you.

The initial consultation is free, so you can feel at ease knowing we're just as excited to chat as you are!

The short answer is, it depends!  We usually tell our clients to budget a several weeks to a few months.  The process entirely depends on what ideas you already have in mind and how many options you want to explore.  We'll be able to give you a better idea on timing after our initial consultation with you.

For items that are in stock, we are able to ship the following business day.  Shipping for in-stock items usually takes 7-10 business days, but can often be less depending on geography.

For custom pieces, we will confirm with you when the piece is finished and when it will ship.  Usually we can guarantee that the piece will arrive to you within 5-7 business days of shipment, depending on geography.

Yes, ring shipments are insured at full retail value.  All pieces are covered until marked as delivered, and all orders require a signature upon delivery, there are no exceptions!

Our packaging is discreet, so no one will know what's inside other than you.

The goal of our custom jewelry design process with you is to ensure that you're perfectly happy with your purchase.  Once your piece is crafted, we're unable to accept any refunds on custom pieces.  However, our ready-to-wear collection does have a limited return policy.  Read our full policy here.

All of our custom pieces are proudly made in New York City.

Yes!  All of our main stones come with a certificate.

True to our brand's namesake, Tracy Hall, who invented lab-grown diamonds, all of our stones are created above the ground.  These are 100% real diamonds, and are certified by the Gemological Institute of America as such.  We believe that creating the stones, rather than destructively harvesting them from the Earth, allows us to sleep better at night.  We hope it does the same for you.

Not only that, we only use stones that are of the utmost quality, so you can feel confident that you're receiving a diamond that looks exactly like a mined diamond, but is better sourced and a fraction of the price.

Similarly, we believe in using Fairmined metals in producing our jewelry.  This standard provides an assurance that the metals are from empowered, responsible, artisanal, and small-scale mining organizations..  Learn more about Fairmined metals here.

Your jewelry is made for everyday wear, but not everyday handling. We suggest necklaces, bracelets and earrings be put on and stay on for optimal use and wear. When we remove them for bed, workouts, and showering, they can get stretched out and weaken over time. For rings, gently remove from the side of the ring, never from the top stone, when you’re applying lotions, before a strenuous workout, or any other situation where the ring may become loose and fall off. Otherwise, rings can be worn to bed, in the shower, and to swim.

For a light cleaning, we recommend using a mild dish soap and warm water, or a branded jewelry wipe. For a deeper clean, we recommend using a Magnasonic cleaner, which is ideal for removing tiny particles that get trapped in hard to reach areas!

We don't provide insurance ourselves, but we do have insurance providers that we can recommend to you.  Just ask your concierge about insurance while you're working together and we'll make the referral!