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You're fabulously unique.  Shouldn't your engagement ring reflect what makes you sparkle?

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When you call, you’ll have a direct line to our experienced team of concierge jewelers and gemologists, who can advise you on every aspect of a diamond engagement ring (or any other piece of jewelry).  From stone selection to band style to trends in fine jewelry, we walk you through every step of the process to achieve perfect results.  But we start by getting to know the person who will be wearing it!

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We'll help you craft your dream ring:  a piece that is elegant, everlasting, and uniquely tailored to you.  All of our works are one-of-a-kind and sustainably manufactured in New York City.

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We get it, starting from scratch can be thrilling, but also daunting.  Our customers often like to explore the different design elements of a ring to see what ignites their excitement.

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We're in this business because we believe that an everlasting symbol of love and commitment should look and feel unique.  Give us your quirks, your strong opinions, your daring to be different.  We relish all of it.  And we won't rest until your piece of jewelry perfectly embodies what makes you uniquely you.

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The ring buying process can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.  You already embody your style, personality, and preferences, and we can turn those into the perfect ring for you.

The initial consultation is free, so you can feel at ease knowing we're just as excited to chat as you are!

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